From: Richard W. Ellmyer <>
Date: February 6, 2010 12:21:43 PM PST
To: Laura Bonham <>,,,, Betsy Dillner <>, Toni Lewis MD Jessica Kutch <>, " Andy Stern" <>, Tom Chamberlain <>,, Ken Allen <>,, Paul Goldberg <>, Jim Gourley <>, Mark Holliday <>,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Richard Schwarz <>,,, Pat Riggs-Henson <>,,,,,,,,,, Michael Oliver <>,,,,,,, Peter Seaman <>,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Bruce Humphreys <>, Debbie Lund <>, Barbara Geiszler <>, Norma O’Mara <>, Stephen Rooney <>,,, Ginny Pecora <>,, Susanna Rhodes <>,,,,,,,,, Bob Petroff <>,,,,,,,,,, Paul Hochfeld <>,,,, Sam Adams <>, Bill Dwyer <>, Bill Fleenor <>, Rob Handy <>, Peter Sorenson <>, Faye Stewart <>, Nick Fish <>, Amanda Fritz <>, Randy Leonard <>, Dan Saltzman <>, Kitty Piercy <>, Jeff Cogen <>, Deborah Kafoury <>, Diane McKeel <>, Judy Shiprack <>, Ted Wheeler <>, Interested Parties <>
Cc:, Bill Moyers <>, Thom Hartmann <>, John Conyers <>,, Anthony Weiner <>
Subject: If Not Richard Ellmyer Then Who? If Not Now Then When?

Hi Single Payer Supporters:
AFSCME District Council 75
Amalgamated Transit Union Local 757
American Federation of Government Employees Local 2157
American Federation of Teachers Local 5017
City of Portland
Democratic Party of Lane County
Democratic Party of Oregon
Freedom Socialist Party
International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees
Lane County Commission
Mad As Hell Doctors
Multnomah County Commission
Oregon Academy of Family Physicians
Oregon Education Association
Oregon Federation of Nurses & Health Professionals
Oregon Nurses Association
Oregon Teamsters Local 206
Pacific Green Party of Oregon
Painters Local 10
State Council of Machinists (IAM)

For a very long time I have stood with you, marched with you, testified in support of your Single Payer resolutions and publicly praised all of you for your leadership and support of a Single Payer health care solution to America's/Oregon's moral and economic health care crisis. Now it is time for you to help me help you. Should a health care bill finally emerge from congress it will not be a Single Payer plan nor will it resolve America's/Oregon's moral and economic health care crisis. The battle for health care reform will rage on when the Oregon legislature reconvenes in January 2011. There MUST be at least one strong, loud, fearless voice representing Single Payer interests in our legislature in January 2011. That is the voice of Richard Ellmyer.

If elected to the North Portland House seat I will not only represent my district but ALL Oregonians that support Single Payer health care by:
1. Submitting my single payer Oregon Community Health Care bill, any single payer bill presented to me by a citizen of my district who votes in the May 18, 2010 primary and any single payer bill presented to me by any organization that supports my candidacy.
2. Submitting legislation that would repeal the 2009 legislature's 1% tax on health care premiums.
3. Submitting legislation that would repeal the illegitimate Billion dollar health care bill passed without input from Single Payer advocates.
4. Helping the lobbyists from Portland as well as Lane and Multnomah counties et. al. in their efforts to advance a Single Payer system.
5. Inviting leaders of a Single Payer health care solution to appear as my floor guests as often as possible.
6. Holding meetings, seminars, forums, town halls and whatever else can be done to bring Single Payer health care leaders and supporters to the state capitol for public conversations and debate.
7. Guiding whatever federal mandates on Oregon may emerge from a congressional health care bill towards a single payer solution.

Regardless of where you live in Oregon you can help me demand that Oregonians who support a Single Payer health care solution will be heard in our state capitol in 2011. Single Payer supporters must be allowed through the legislative doors in Salem and Washington D.C. and given a seat at the debate table.

You do not need a formal organizational endorsement to help me give credit and support to those organizations that have endorsed Single Payer by signing the voters' pamphlet petition and then gathering as many other signatures as you can (See details below. Time Is Of The Essence.).

Citizens can help me give credit and support to those organizations and individuals that have endorsed Single Payer by sending a contribution equal to 1% of their health care premiums. Organizations mentioned above that can endorse candidates should endorse me and send a financial contribution as soon as possible. (See details below).

There MUST be at least one strong, loud, fearless voice representing Single Payer interests in our legislature in January 2011. That is the voice of Richard Ellmyer.

Thank you. Good luck and good health.

Richard Ellmyer
Candidate for the North Portland House seat in the May 18, 2010 Democratic primary

Contribution Details
Here is a suggested formula that also lets you keep in mind the 1% tax the health insurance industry passed on to you. My opponent, Tina Kotek voted for this tax in the 2009 session. 

Find your latest monthly invoice for your health insurance premium. 

Calculate 1% then multiply by twelve. (1% of a $600 dollar monthly payment = $6 X 12 =$72) 

Send me the equivalent of 1% of your health insurance premium and I will do my best to repeal that tax. I will also vote against the remaining $700,000,000 in health care taxes scheduled to be imposed during the 2011 session.

Otherwise, write a check for $50 - more or less as your financial circumstances allow - to Ellmyer 4 State Rep. (The first $50 political contribution you make is eligible for a $50 tax CREDIT on your Oregon income tax return.)

Please include your email address so that we can acknowledge your contribution. 

If you send more than $50 please include your employer's name and your address to comply with state law.

Send your contributions here:

Ellmyer 4 State Rep.
9124 N. McKenna Ave
Portland, OR 97203

Voters' Pamphlet Circulator Instructions

1. Select and drag Petition and Statement PDF files from email to your desktop.

2. Open Petition and Statement in any word processing program.

3. Print Petition and Statement.

4. Attach Statement to back of Petition.

5. Sign and date Circulator Signature portion at bottom of petition.

6. Ask each signer if they are a registered voter in Oregon. (Only registered voters in Oregon, any party or no party, are allowed.)

7. Explain to each signer that the state requires either 300 signatures or $750 to place a candidate’s statement in the voters’ pamphlet. (Signers should be encouraged to read the statement.)

8. Explain to each signer that signing the petition is NOT a candidate endorsement merely support for getting a candidate’s statement into the voters’ pamphlet.

9. All signers on a single sheet MUST be from the same county. (Petitions will be sent to county election officials for verification. Start a new petition for signers from different counties.)

10. When you have gathered ten signatures, don’t forget yours - but only once, mail them to:
Ellmyer 4 State Rep
9124 N. McKenna
Portland, OR 97203

11. Continue collecting signatures until February 26 on which date you must mail the last petition.

Questions? Call (503) 289-7174 or email

Thank you.

Richard Ellmyer