Health Care Is A Right NOT A Privilege

Health Insurance is NOT Health Care

Every Oregonian Deserves Equal Access To The Same Level Of Health Care


Amanda Fritz - Was She Worth The Price? 12/15/08

After Portland taxpayers spent a total of 1.6 million dollars to finally elect a publicly financed candidate, Amanda Fritz ($482,000), she MUST now PROVE that she is beneficially DIFFERENT from the rest. Otherwise we have wasted our money.

Bill Graves - An Exemplar Of Oregon's News Media's Failure To Get THE Health Care Issue 11/25/08

"The problem is the insurance companies are not in the business of providing health care. They are in the business of making money."  Dr. Leigh Dolin, 62, former president of the Oregon Medical Association

Len Bergstein Promises To Ask Legislators The Fundamental Health Care Question 10/27/08

Will any of you (the panelists) introduce the Oregon Community Health Care Bill so that the legislature can finally debate a plan that challenges the fundamental premise of SB329 that the failed for-profit private health insurance industry should continue to be used as a model for future health reform in Oregon?

Failed For-Profit Private Health Insurance Industry Grip On State Plan Exposed At Community Forum 9/10/08

Before a crowd of about 300 at the Portland Convention Center, Richard Ellmyer got his turn at the microphone. He asked the three members of the Oregon House in the audience why legislators refused to acknowledge the letter signed by elected officials representing more than a million Oregonians, (See below) disrespecting them, the voters they represent and the American democratic process by preventing a legitimate and necessary discussion and debate about the wisdom of choosing to continue with the failed for-profit private health insurance industry model or an alternative single payer type approach such as the Oregon Community Health Care Bill. The legislators squirmed a bit but remained silent. This is what happens when the failed for-profit private health insurance industry has a grip on your vocal chords

Oregonians And Their Physicians Part Company With Oregon Legislators On Health Care Reform 7/7/08

Physicians like heart surgeon Dr. Dudley Johnson, a renowned pioneer in open-heart surgery, have concluded that only a single-payer system can restore patient care rather than profit as the core of the health-care system.

Candidates' Views On Health Care Reform Determine Oregon's Future - SB329 BILLION $ Funding DOA 5/1/08

Oregon's elected political class of 2009 MUST campaign with the health care reform package of their choosing in order to have the credibility to act on health care reform when they take office.

Hoping No One Will Remember His Public Record Merkley Crosses Way Over Health Care Credibility Line 4/14/08

House Speaker Jeff Merkley ignored the basic American democratic principles of fair play and competition of ideas in the public arena and disrespected the legitimate, reasonable and civil requests of nine elected Oregon public officials and the million Oregonians they represent as expressed in the letter above.

Courtney Joins Jeff Merkley In Denying Citizen Participation Of Health Care Reform 2/23/08

The cowardly Democratic "leadership" in the Oregon Senate got in bed with Republican Social Darwinists in the Oregon House sending the Oregon Democratic Party into dissension and disarray over health care reform at the recent close of the special legislative session. Flipping a very big bird to Representative Mitch Greenlick the Democrats in control of the Oregon Senate said, "no way" are we going to allow Oregon voters to have a say on a fundamental public policy issue, namely: Should Oregonians have a constitutional right to health care?

Carter And Kotek Et. Al. - A Chance For Redemption 2/11/08

Your refusal to submit the Oregon Community Health Care Bill, even as an action that costs you nothing as a mere token courtesy to your constituents, especially long time political activist and former staff advisor to the late senator Bill McCoy, Richard Ellmyer, and Portland city commissioner Sam Adams, was indefensible. It can only be explained as an undeclared, stealth commitment with the expectation of substantive rewards from the failed private health insurance industry or abandonment of your responsibility to protect your constituents by submission and cowardice in the face of the power of the failed private health insurance industry. It is either a selfish choice or a serious character flaw which makes you unworthy of elected office.