Health Care Is A Right NOT A Privilege

Health Insurance is NOT Health Care

Every Oregonian Deserves Equal Access To The Same Level Of Health Care


Frohnmayer Supports Oregon Community Health Care Bill 12/1/07

John Frohnmayer, candidate for United States Senate, is supporting the Oregon Community Health Care Bill in Oregon and a single payer system at the federal level. These two compatible and complimentary positions on health care reform set John Frohnmayer above all of his competitors. Both of these approaches to health care reform reject the failed private health insurance industry as a model for the future. Despite the fact that a majority of Oregonians would agree that the private health insurance industry has failed and will continue to fail to solve Oregon's moral and economic health care crisis, it still takes an enormous amount of courage for John Frohnmayer to stand up for this kind of fundamental change and speak truth to power.

School Board Candidates On Health Care Reform 4/23/07

On May 15th elections for School Boards will be held throughout our state. Successful candidates will be hired by voters to exercise a legal and fiduciary duty to taxpayers to spend large sums of public money in the best interests of the tax paying community. A significant portion of public funds spent by School Boards will be dedicated to public employee health insurance costs. Those payments have a direct connection to the moral and economic health care crisis that affects Oregonians and Oregon's public institutions.

"A" Team Challenges Democratic Legislative Leadership On Health Care Reform 3/12/07

The current legislative debate over health care reform in our state does not include our view that the profit oriented private health insurance industry must not be the model upon which a solution to Oregon's moral and economic health care crisis should be based and that Oregon elected officials - public employees - voters and taxpayers must have equal access to the same level of health care not a perpetuation of our current multitiered health insurance class system.

Introducing Oregon's Real, Elected Health Care Leadership 2/12/07

The legislature's indefensible failure to address a real solution to Oregon's moral and economic health care crisis by bringing affordable health care to Oregonians and Oregon's public institutions was predicted and unsurprising. Unless and until every legislator campaigns by standing behind a bill which precisely reflects their answers to the four basic health care reform questions of this survey and can be vetted then endorsed by an overwhelming number of their constituents, they will never be able to throw off the weight of the status quo lobbyists that helped pay their way to Salem.

Kerry And Wheeler OR Kitzhaber Et. Al.? - Your Choice? Our Legislature's Choice? 1/22/07

Former Democratic candidate for president, John Kerry, campaigned for a health care system that would give every American the same health care coverage afforded to a U.S. Senator. Newly elected Multnomah county chair, Ted Wheeler, has for eighteen years, advocated for the premise of his master's thesis which is a single payer health care system that would also deliver to every American the same health care coverage afforded to a U.S. Senator. By contrast, the health care reform plans of Kitzhaber et. al. are designed to perpetuate a multitiered health care class system in Oregon.