The genuine epicenter of progressive politics in Oregon is located in Lane County and the city of Eugene. 

If you support a Single Payer solution to Oregon's/America's moral and economic health care crisis (see partial list below)  and/or the Public Option proposal which will be voted upon by the U.S. House of Representatives this week then you are invited by Lane county and the city of Eugene to participate in a march and rally to support both of them.

Bring A Friend, Bring A Lunch, Bring A Sign

When: 12 PM - 1 PM Monday November 2, 2009 

Where: Gathering at the federal building, 405 E 8th Ave, in Eugene then leaving at noon for a three block march to the Wayne Morse Free Speech Plaza.

What: Comments from several Lane county commissioners, including Bill Dwyer the catalyst for this event, and the mayor of Eugene in support of the Public Option contained in HR 3962 and Single Payer down the road at the federal and state level.

Contacts: Tom Holser (541) 228-4678, Amber Fossen (541) 682-3718

This is the ONLY event of its kind in Oregon. Make the time, make the effort to be there. I will make the four hour round trip from Portland to show appreciation and support for the elected public officials in Lane county and Eugene governments that have the courage to publicly demonstrate their convictions. Bravo, good luck and good health to all of them.

Public Option Today - Single Payer Tomorrow

Richard Ellmyer


The following groups are on the public record as supporting a Single Payer Solution to America's/Oregon's moral and economic health care crisis. They do not necessarily share the other views expressed in this message:


AFSCME District Council 75

Amalgamated Transit Union Local 757

American Federation of Government Employees Local 2157

American Federation of Teachers Local 5017

City of Portland

Democratic Party of Lane County

Freedom Socialist Party

International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees

Lane County Commission

Mad As Hell Doctors

Multnomah County Commission

Oregon Academy of Family Physicians

Oregon Education Association

Oregon Federation of Nurses & Health Professionals

Oregon Nurses Association

Oregon Teamsters Local 206

Pacific Green Party of Oregon

Painters Local 10

State Council of Machinists (IAM)