HAP Portsmouth Project May 2001 Evaluation 5/10/01

I am pleased to announce that the HAP Portsmouth Neighborhood Enhancement Project is headed in the right direction. After extensive and productive conversations with Denny West, HAP Executive Director, Ron Johnson, HAP Portsmouth Project Coordinator, Julie Livingston, HAP architect and William Hart, Principal of Carleton Hart Architecture who also represented Mahlum Architects, I was persuaded that all of the major players, both staff and contractors, of the Housing Authority of Portland supported the fundamental principles which are required to make this project a success for HAP and my neighborhood.

Remodeling My Neighborhood - Opportunities And Dangers 2/26/01

Although we are only in the vision phase of this project it is very important to set the right tone from the beginning. This project must seek to be outstanding not ordinary. It must not "blend" into the neighborhood but become an outstanding example, a national showcase. It should be a creation to which other construction in the neighborhood will aspire.